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I wish to have all those links

your wish shall be granted

one shoe, two shoe, red shoe blue shoe by vulturer
(i swear this fic is fantastic)

Jake ==> Bugger Dirk Through the Floor by 

Every Good Boy Does Fine by Sandywolf

childhood’s end by inheritor

Don’t Point That Finger at Me Unless You Intend To Use It
 by Blue_Thallium

Premier by agent_florida, Mystical

Good Korma by 

A Certain Arrangement by Kaffee und Sahne 

Who Could Choose?
 by TheMockingCrows

Screw Warnings by Leticheecopae

Strangelove by Miss_Voltage

Want me
 by Ships_ahoy

Sick Dreams Come True by DeanBean
(ok wow i didn’t expect this to be THAT good)

Young Strider by animehead

of vulnerability and strength
 by liese_l


I haven’t read most of them yet (except the ones i commented) but I’m starting to dig through them tomorrow owo so i cannot garantuee for good fanfictions but they seemed to be well written!

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