Uhh, so, well damn crap, i guess. you should click that

Basically, me and my girlfriend broke up after a whole year, and though i had seen this coming for a while, it hits me.
It’s going to be alright, though i am somewhat emotionally unstable at the moment, so I’m going to spend some time with my family, work on my cosplay and think about how to deal with everything.

Which also means I’m not going to be online actively a real lot for today/tomorrow/the next days, nor do i think i will be on skype ( this goes to mortis)

The queue is filled, i might not answer to your asks that fast, but I’m going to be back in my full glory once i got myself put together again and stabilized my emotionality.

.thank you :>

  1. white-vector said: Ich hoffe dir geht’s bald besser, entspann dich schön! :’)
  2. mortis-statua said: Aw, it’s alright dearie. Take care, yes? You will be okay, with time. And whenever you want to talk just drop by, I will always lend an ear. Talk to you soon again. =)
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